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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ready To Ring In The New Year!

I love new beginnings.  The year 2009  was such a refreshing year for me.  That year I began a women's bible study with my mom and recovered from a long overdue hysterectomy.    
I completely expected that 2010 would  be all that and so much more.  Boy was I wrong. 

2010 started off bad and has continued to be the most difficult of all my years thus far.  January was the month my oldest son and youngest grandchild would be homeless on the streets in 10 degree weather.  Our youngest grandchild came to live with us for four months, mid January, my dear brother-in-law was at the  lowest time in his life, I made a very costly mistake in mid February, our daughter was diagnosed with PSAS, (poly cystic ovarian syndrome), a life changing condition that among other things, greatly affects the ability to become pregnant and June 17th, Jake went to be with our heavenly Father.  

September 14th, our daughter Emily presented us with an ultrasound picture (9 weeks and 5 days). What a prescious blessing.  I had spent the earlier part of that day crying over Jake.  A few hours later I was laughing and jumping up and down with joy.  If it's God's will, we will have a new grandchild on April 15th, 2011.  I can't wait to ring in the new year.        

I believe that God rewards faithfullness and our family has been so faithfull to love the Lord, especially in the midst of our pain and suffering.  Our family is so thankfull for the hopes of a new arrival, a brother and sister moving so close to home, a new church we call home and so many more things we are thankfull for.  God truly is good!

Once my mom tutors me on how to reply, I plan to visit all the blog spots of all her blogging sisters.  I have read so many of your replies to her.  I am truly gratefull and amazed at the power of your written words.  You have inspired my mom and our entire family with your beautiful words.

God Bless You...Shari...         



  1. Yay Shari...A beautiful post! Yes I agree with everything you said and what a year it has been. We will find God right in the middle of every earthly occurance next year as we are in this. And as we talked about yesterday, even the very most sorrowful have been when we were closer to Him. I love you, Momma

  2. Congratulations on your new grandchild to be. Hugs!

  3. Oh Shari so good to hear from you again. I just reread your earlier post and must share with you I love my only dearly beloved sister at 32 of greast cancer. My life chanted forever that year. Congrats on the new life. You are a strong faith filled woman just like your mom. Blessings

  4. I find comfort in the fact that God is always with me whether I'm in the depth of dispair or during a mountaintop experience. I truly don't understand how those who are unbelievers make it through the really rough times of this life. Blessings to you this day.

  5. Love your post Shari. You said a mouthfull there, This truly has been a year unlike anything we have ever endured. We are being prepared for homecoming every day of our lives; but most days we are simply unaware of this. Years like this make me feel fully awake and present in my life; and life is painfull.
    Hey; you are making ME want to blog.....not :)

  6. Such a lovely post, be blessed.

  7. Shari you are much like your mother. You write beautifully as does your brother Buddy. I am thrilled for you with the news of a beautiful new life to join your family. God is really good. We don't think so in troubled times but He seems to know what He is doing and I am trying so hard to follow him. I need prayer and I never stop thinking or praying for your family. God is good, He brought me to your mom and in turn I meet you and your siblings. I am very honored and very grateful to get to know all of you. Blessings sweet friend. Anne

  8. Oh, look at that ultrasound! That is the clearest I think I've ever seen, and it's WONDERFUL.

    You make me remember the day my eldest let me know she was pregnant. It had taken her and Mike ten years, and even fertility treatments didn't work. Then she discovered she had diabetes, got it treated, and bingo! Baby on the way.

    Which she announced by sending me an email saying she'd registered for her birthday at Target. Say, wha...?! When I saw what she wanted--highchair, stroller, etc.--I started bouncing up and down in my chair and laughing and babbling all sorts of things. Must've laughed for a good 45 minutes after that.

    Aren't grandkids just the BEST? I'm so happy for you!!


God Bless You Richly