Tuesday, September 21, 2010


 Today is my very first post on my very first blog.
My original purpose was a desire to connect with other women who have lost their younger brothers in death.  During the process of creating this blog, I realized that I can connect with people who share many common interests, not just in the loss of a younger brother.  I am a woman who loves sharing stories of inspiration and recovery.  I am excited to connect with others and share my passion for children, nature, growth in God's word and all the excitement that tomorrow brings.


  1. Welcome to the world of Bloggyland. You have so much to share and I can't wait for all my blogger sistahs to be your blogger sistahs too. Many of them already practically know you! Love you, Yo Momma

  2. Welcome to this wonderful world. You will find much more than a few common interests here. There are so many wonderful people and they welcome you with open arms. I started to blog because my life long friend encouraged ,me. Then I started meeting people like your mom. Oh My Goodness! She is like my own sister and I have two! One has gone on to Heaven (cancer) and the other lives about 100 miles from me but your mom is a darling friend. I knew her before your family's tragic loss and I am amazed at her courage daily. She is very special to me and I am going to love getting to know you as well. God Bless You and enjoy this journey! Hugs Anne

  3. So happy to meet you. Hopefully we can share our love of the Lord and family. I know your loss has been great, but the Lord is so faithful to give us the sunshine again. Hugs, Marty

  4. I was so excited when your mom said you were going to start blogging. I just know you'll find many wonderful friends here in Blogland. Can't wait to hear what your big news is!

  5. Hi Shari, you will love blogland, and what a joy to be a part of the beginning of your blogging journey. I know your sweet Mama (through her blog) :) and met your brother Buddy the other day through his blog. I want to tell you personally how sorry I am for your loss. I know your heart is still raw from Jake's death. May God continue to comfort you and heal all of your hearts.

    May your blog be a blessing to you dear Shari!


  6. Shari,
    Welcome sweetie! I am looking forward to getting to know you and reading your blog. You are gonna love blogging and all the people you will meet.
    Love to you,

  7. Welcome to a wonderful, sharing group of sisters. Your loss of your brother has touched so many of us even though we never met him in person. You're Mom has been an inspirations to me, I admire her love of God and her continued desire to share your brothers story. I'm excited to read what you will post. Count me in as a follower.

  8. Hi Shari, So nice to meet you. Welcome to Blogland. Your Mom and I are very good friends although we have never met. I hope we will be good friends too.

  9. Hi there my new friend! I LOVE your Mama! Welcome to bloggyland! We are all so happy to have you here! I have been so touched by your Mama's blog and reading how you all feel after the loss of your precious brother! He is missed by ALL of us! Love to you and I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do!


  10. Welcome to nice to meet "the special daughter" looking forward to sharing our worlds together......big hugs from Canada...:-)

  11. Dropping by to say "hi." Saw your mom post about your blog. Your mom is a creative cool lady! Love your music selection!

  12. well hello there, miss shari girl! and a big ol' welcome to the land of blogging! i think you're gonna love it. it's a great way to meet some very special people that you would've never known otherwise.

    case in point: i met your awesome mama and have gained a dear friend and sister. though we've never met, i know that she'd do whatever she could to help me. what a blessing!

    i have been praying for you, shari ... and your entire family during this horrific time of grief. and i'll continue to lift you up before our Lord. i'm so so sorry for the loss of your precious brother jake.

    congrats on your first post. i look forward to reading much more about you and your life, shari.

    terry lee

  13. Welcome Dear Shari, don't have to tell you how I feel about Miz. M. that is what I call her. You will find much along the way to comfort, console and amuse you in this special and spiritual blog world. You will even find things to laugh at. Woo Hoo. Know your story as far as sweet Jake and will always be here as long as He is willing. Blessings

  14. Welcome to blogland dear. I look forward to getting to know you, bless you.

  15. Welcome to Blogsville, Shari! I'm looking forward to getting to know you, the dear daughter of a dear friend.

    I hope your experience here will be rewarding, and fulfilling, and a comfort. I think back, especially, to the months when we hoped and prayed for the life of our little grandson, and how the support of my blogging friends comforted me during those times. It was amazing and wonderful, to find so many hearts connecting, from all over the world. I hope it's like that here, for you.

    Love already,

  16. Welcome to the blogging world. It helps to talk freely about the feeling you have had from a loss.

  17. Hi Honey, so glad you joined your mamma in the blogging world. Talk/share/laugh/cry about everything and God will use it to help you and others.

    I got to be buddies with your mamma from a blog swap. I adore her and know I'll enjoy you too.
    denisemarie in Texas


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